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Wedding Flower Meanings

Flowers are also associated with folklore in other ways. In the Victorian era, men sent flowers with special meanings to women as a means of communication. Back then, the meanings of flowers were common knowledge. These days itís more acceptable for a man to just come out and tell a woman how he feels, and these meanings are not as well known.

Knowing the meanings of different flowers can help you choose the best ones for your wedding day. Following are the traditional meanings of some of the more popular wedding flowers.


Roses are very popular flowers associated with romance, so it is fitting that they are often used in weddings. Specific meanings vary by color. Red roses are known as symbols of love, pink ones symbolize elegance and admiration, and white roses represent innocence and purity. Yellow roses are associated with friendship and joy, orange roses represent enthusiasm and passion, and lavender roses symbolize love at first sight.


Daisies are often used at informal weddings, but they may also make their way into more formal ceremonies. These flowers represent innocence and beauty. Gerbera daisies represent those things too, but they also stand for cheerfulness. Daisies are available in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to incorporate them into any wedding color scheme.


There are many varieties and colors of lilies. In general, lilies stand for innocence and purity, but some specific varieties have their own special meanings. Bold and beautiful stargazer lilies, for example, symbolize aspiration, and the pink ones have become known as a sign of prosperity. The smaller Peruvian lilies represent friendship and devotion.


Tulips are adored for their simple beauty and wide variety of colors. The flowers generally represent perfect love, but some colors have additional meanings. Red tulips, like red roses, stand for true love. Purple tulips are symbolic of royalty, and yellow ones send a message of cheer.


The carnation is one of the oldest flower varieties in the world, and it is very popular in wedding arrangements. Carnations come in numerous colors and are symbolic of love. The colors of carnations have meanings similar to those of roses of the same color. Red stands for deep affection, white represents purity, and pink symbolizes gratitude.

Other Popular Wedding Flowers

There are several other flowers that are often used at weddings. Irises are lovely flowers for a wedding, and they represent faith and hope. Graceful and delicate orchids represent love, beauty and strength. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty and happiness.

Selecting the perfect flowers for your wedding can be a tough decision, because there are so many beautiful flowers to choose from. Learning the meanings behind the flowers can make that decision a little easier.